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New/Prospective Member Information

This website is your main source of information about your club.  If it’s happening, it will be posted here somewhere.  Usually when we have news of upcoming events, there will be links to follow for event registration and for volunteer opportunities.


Membership Benefits

A full membership allows you to play in all applicable leagues (mens and ladies nights restricted by gender).  We have mens, womens, and co-ed leagues at ACC.  See the Our Leagues tab on the top menu for detailed league descriptions.  Most leagues will have some set teams already, but that doesn't mean you should feel you are not welcome.  Many teams are in need of an extra curler(s), either on a regular basis or as a 5th person throughout the season.  You are also able to sub/spare on any leagues. Contact the membership director to be placed on a team.



The cost of curling is a yearly membership to the Appleton Curling Club.  A full membership allows you to curl as many nights as you'd like in available leagues.  While the cost of a membership may seem high at first glance, when broken down to the weekly cost, it's much more reasonable (particularly if you curl in more than one league!).

The chart below shows the various adult membership rates, as well as the corresponding weekly rate (the curling season is approximately 20 weeks long).  Discounts are offered for the following:

Membership Type Yearly Cost

Weekly Cost

Single (Adult) $305 $15
First Year Adult $152.50 $7.50
Couple (per person) $235 $12



Registration is completed in two parts.  The first part is to complete an online registration, whereby you declare who you are, choose the leagues you wish to play in, and print your receipt.  The second part is to bring your payment in person to the club or mail it to the club treasurer.  A mail slot for this is located in the hallway on the second floor across from the kitchen.  We realize this can be a strain on your budget, but we want you to be able to join our club.  Contact our club treasurer to make arrangements for installment payment of dues.


Learn to Curl

If you would like to try the sport before joining, you are most welcome to join our Learn to Curl/Open Houses, usually held the week prior to the beginning of the season in early November. We will have experienced curlers on hand to provide the basics, and give on-ice demonstrations. Bring loose fitting pants.  Very important... please, NO street shoes on the curling ice.  Please use a pair of running shoes that you can set aside to only wear for curling (if you don't have proper curling equipment).



There are curling brooms and sliders for new members to use, but we suggest that all members acquire their own equipment.  Brooms Up Curling Supply has put together some economical starter packs for new members.  Visit the Pro Shop link under the Our Club menu for other equipment company links.



Throughout the year our club hosts various Bonspiels (tournaments).  Most are open to all club members, with the exception of the Mens Bonspiel in early January, which is an invitational usually filled with out of town teams.  We encourage you to sign up for any Spiels as they occur.  Check our Club Events or Bonspiels section for all upcoming events.


Contact Information

As a member, you will be contacted by various members of the ACC Board of Directors or league convenors/chairs. Most of this communication is done by email, so we hope you have entered your email address correctly into the system and that you have checked the Opt In and Share email boxes in your membership profile.  That part is very important!



Appleton Curling Club is a member-owned, member-funded, and member-operated not-for-profit curling facility, open to all who want to participate in and support the sport of curling.  The primary mission of the club and its board of directors is to encourage good curling and membership camaraderie, and to maintain an enjoyable and well-kept facility.  Every dollar available is re-invested in the club.  Every year, we ask our members to contribute 10 hours of volunteer service or pay an assessment if they choose not to participate.  Many have given far more than their required 10 hours... others are into the thousands!  Every hour counts, however, and for each hour provided, the ACC is a better place.  As a way of easing first year members into our volunteer system, we do not require them to be accountable for any volunteer hours, but strongly suggest that if you can, please join the fun.  This would most likely include something like assisting at a Bonspiel, Oktoberfest, the ACC golf outing, ice making, building maintenance, club cleaning, etc.  This is a great way to meet fellow members as well.  Of course, you are more than welcome to volunteer as much as you like, so you don't have to stop at 10 hours!

Always remember that the club is only as good as you make it. We welcome your solutions and are always open to change if it is for the betterment of our club.

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